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Your brand is more than a logo

It's your story, personality, values, and promise

We can help your business refresh, express, and manage your brand for success.

We'll work with you as your brand partner to express your story, personality, values and promise by develop, navigate, and implement effective branding and marketing to

will get you connected with the right customers, achieve your goals, and grow your business in a way you can be proud of.

We all need nurturing along the way to reach our full potential.

Your brand is no different!

REFRESH/brand helps businesses grow and manage their brands.

We provide core resources and services for our clients that are individually tailored to their organizations mission and values.

See if we are a good fit for your brand!

Your brand consists of everything from your logo to the customer service your team provides. If it affects your customers, it is part of your brand, which can be a lot of ground to cover. Where do you start? Who do you work with and where do you find them? Why should you do this over that? Our process will help you answer these questions.


It all starts with our discovery phase where we get to know you, your goals, and your pain points. We'll dig into the past, talk through the present, and review what you are doing today, who you are working with, yes even if it's just your nephew that runs your Facebook page, and what tools you are using, have used, or are considering.


This information will help us in the second phase where we will be creating your custom dynamic plan to achieve your branding, marketing, and process goals. We believe in meeting you where you are and building up and out from there. This might mean your niece or nephew stays on Facebook duty but now has some guidance, resources, or other tools to do the job in alignment with your brand. 

Phase three is to connect the plan with the doers! Be it your niece managing your Facebook page or getting you connected with one of our amazing service providers, freelancers, or specialists, this is where your plan comes to life, and we can start towards your goals in a meaningful way.

Like any plan, reviewing where you are, where you were, and where you are going is critical to success. We have regularly scheduled review sessions to discuss those things as well as your providers, your team, and your customers too.


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Learn About You & Your Needs


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Start Planning For Sucess!


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Align Necessary Assets & Resources


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Review Results, Plans, Partners, & Processes' 

Below are a few examples of our recent projects. 

You can learn more about the organization and the project by clicking on the image.

exchange conference  

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Virtual Event Brand Identity


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Web & Platform Design

brand on  

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Brand Strategy & Identity

summit challenge  

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Concept Development & Branding

merch marketing  

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Branding & eCommerce Dev

here for the swag  

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Brand Strategy & Identity


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Brand Strategy & Processes


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Brand Identity & Design


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Brand Marketing & Communication


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Brand Monitoring & Maintenance 

Like you, we are a small business and we intimately understand the budget and time restraints that come with this small business world. There are a million things to do and many of these tasks fall well outside of what you and your business do and are likely not classified as your area of expertise. Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't important or even critical to the prolonged success of your business, like brand management.


This is where our services and resources come into play and can help get back hours of your time, save on expensive hires, gain insight into what works, have a neutral party to vet and review your creative works from your agency partners, and much more!


Our goal is to provide you and your team with assets and resources like those of the giants but with the small business benefit of being flexible, dynamic, authentic, and intimately connected with your clients.

REFRESH/brand was founded in 2020 by Brandon Samuel, a creative business leader with a passion of helping others achieve their goals and fulfill their missions. While REFRESH/brand has gone through a few eveolutions over our tenure as an agency from from full service branding and marketing to where we are now as a brand management agency. We partner with organizations to help unlock their brands full potential; through management, maintenance, review, advising, market research, and a vast collection of tools and resources to name a few.

It was after working with a few of the giant businesses out there did we stumble on a great opportunity. These organizations have countless brands and typically they will have an individual brand manager oversee a single or possibly a handful of these brands. Their role makes sure that the brand stays on mission and inline with their values.  When most people hear the word "brand" they think logo, maybe a tagline, and probably recall an experience they had with this organization in the past. The 'experience' is the critical part.


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Helping small businesses maximize their brands reach and effectiveness helping them to fulfill their mission.


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We believe in sharing freely as much as possible. Be it knowledge, resources, connections, or experiences. The more collectively share, the more we can all grow.