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REFRESH/brand originated out of the need we saw from our fellow small business owners and

Traditionally defined, "brand" might include your name, logo, design, color scheme, and some brand guidelines, so vendors don't muck it all up. All significant and vital components and part of our process too, but we think your brand extends well beyond this. 

We define brand as all things that impact your clients because that is your brand at the end of the day. If you are a corporate service provider of some sort with a fun, corky side and "Brand" (traditional definition), completely NAILS IT! That is fantastic! But your website is stuffy and outdated, or maybe your customer service is stiff and ultra-formal. Maybe your quotes are some handwritten nightmare... You don't have a cohesive brand experience.

Connecting all these points for a coherent, practical brand experience is where we shine for small businesses! 

Check out our free resources, and don't hesitate to connect with us. We would love to learn about you and your brand!

5 Easy Ways to REFRESH Your Site

5 Easy Ways to REFRESH Your Site


Canva for design, when to use & how

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